Natalie Dylan – Queen of All Media?

It’s been 8 months since Natalie Dylan put up her virginity for sale. Some people have wondered if the deed would even be done. But even without a ending in site as of yet, Natalie seems to be making the best of the situation.

MarQ, host of “Sin City Sessions” on Blog Talk Radio, was just in touch with Natalie for a quick update, and Natalie may have more than just a radio interview in common with Howard Stern.

In a quick phone conversation on April 17, Natalie mentioned she was going to be in L.A. in a few weeks to sketch out the details of a possible movie deal. This after her announcement of a possible book on “Sin City Sessions” back in January. Both deals are still being worked on, but Natalie already has an idea of who she wants to play herself in the movie.

“You know who I adore is Nikki Reed,” Natalie said on her last interview with “Sin City Sessions” back in January. “That girl has so much sass. I think she’s a great actress and she does more independent stuff. And I like independent actors and think she’s be fun.”

Natalie will be back on “Sin City Sessions” Tuesday April 28 @ 9 p.m. pacific time to discuss her future and a possible time at which the auction will be over. Plus what is the number one subject she is being advised on.

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Call Girls Weigh in on Releasing a Madam’s “The Black Book”


We’ve heard of “honor among thieves” but is there honor among call girls? When word came out that Manhattan Madam Kristen Davis may leak her famous black book to the press, the escort industry started clamoring. Davis, who is the suspected Madam behind the Elliot Spitzer scandal, has already written a book about her alleged dealings in the sex industry.

On a recent episode of “Sin City Sessions” best selling author, columnist, and former call girl Tracy Quan weighted in on how the escort community is reacting to Kristen and her releasing the name of one of her celebrity clients to Page 6.

“I spoke to a number of sex workers and madams and asked what do you think about this because Kristen Davis had kinda dangled her book in the media and said maybe I will release the names,” Tracy stated. “People had a lot of different feelings about it. Some people were ardently opposed. They said no, you should never ever ever reveal names of anybody, any of your clients to the media. Most of the people thought that way.”

However, there were some people who stated that leaking the book could be a good thing.

“One of the girls I interviewed didn’t feel that way. She was very annoyed that Kristen had to go to jail and none of the customers did. Because they also in New York terms had broken the law.”

A certain celebrity was named by Kristen in Page 6 of the New York Post, but Tracy seemed to feel that the case of this celebrity and Spitzer were completely different.

“I don’t know why it is important to talk about him. Just because he is a celebrity?” Quan added. “If he were a politician or a cop who is actively harming sex workers and also being a customer like what Elliot Spitzer did, then I think it would be ok to talk about him. It doesn’t seem right to me to point a finger at some guy who just happens to be a famous customer.”

Tracy went on to talk about how the economy is effecting the sex industry, what you should expect the first time you have sex, and the difference between New York call girls and west coast ones.

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