Lydia McLane – Sensual Chameleon

Lydia Struts Her Stuff on Stage

Lydia Struts Her Stuff on Stage

To say Lydia McLane is multi-talented is an understatement. In the world of role playing, she does everything from being a dominatrix, fetish modeling, producing erotic films, burlesque and even at times being a lamp. (You read that right, a lamp.)

But how does a nice girl from Oklahoma get to be the women of all exotic trades she is now? On a recent interview of “Sin City Sessions”, Lydia explained that being a lingerie dancer gave her the opportunity.

“All the people the other girls would call weird or perverts and I thought they were fabulous. So after a while I had a whole collection of them and eventually started seeing some of them for different fetish adventures. From foot fetish to hair fetish to infantilism. I thought it was great fun.”

Soon after she found herself in Seattle, where the scene was more accepted. She expanded her many talents there, and set up shop as a dominatrix. Lydia says there is never a dull moment.

“A lot of people think having a grown man over your lap and spanking them is unusual and I do that all the time,” recalls Lydia. “Last week I did a whipping, to where blood was splattered on my walls. Then I played Mad Scientist with an electrical device known as an arestech 312. I had over a dozen wires over someone’s body. And they were this slab of meat seeing how ti would react when I tiurned and manipulated the knobs on the machine. Which was great fun and it was actually hilarious. I spent most of the time laughing so hard I was almost crying through that session.”

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