Lydia McLane – Sensual Chameleon

Lydia Struts Her Stuff on Stage

Lydia Struts Her Stuff on Stage

To say Lydia McLane is multi-talented is an understatement. In the world of role playing, she does everything from being a dominatrix, fetish modeling, producing erotic films, burlesque and even at times being a lamp. (You read that right, a lamp.)

But how does a nice girl from Oklahoma get to be the women of all exotic trades she is now? On a recent interview of “Sin City Sessions”, Lydia explained that being a lingerie dancer gave her the opportunity.

“All the people the other girls would call weird or perverts and I thought they were fabulous. So after a while I had a whole collection of them and eventually started seeing some of them for different fetish adventures. From foot fetish to hair fetish to infantilism. I thought it was great fun.”

Soon after she found herself in Seattle, where the scene was more accepted. She expanded her many talents there, and set up shop as a dominatrix. Lydia says there is never a dull moment.

“A lot of people think having a grown man over your lap and spanking them is unusual and I do that all the time,” recalls Lydia. “Last week I did a whipping, to where blood was splattered on my walls. Then I played Mad Scientist with an electrical device known as an arestech 312. I had over a dozen wires over someone’s body. And they were this slab of meat seeing how ti would react when I tiurned and manipulated the knobs on the machine. Which was great fun and it was actually hilarious. I spent most of the time laughing so hard I was almost crying through that session.”

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Alex Borstein - Sexy in Any Era

Alex Borstein - Sexy in Any Era

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Lance and Trixie from

Lance and Trixie from

Lance and Trixie from were on Sin City Sessions and talked about how Alex had came to them for her retro pin-up photo shoot to promote her dvd “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

“If you are gonna do a pin-up you gotta see Lance and Trixie,” Lance recalled a friend telling Alex. “(Alex and Jackson Douglas, her husband) came over and saw our stuff and loved it. They submitted (the photo book) to Fox. Fox whined like a little bitch and said ‘No no no you gotta come back here and shoot it right.’ And they basically said piss off we’ll do it ourselves. So they did, Fox loved the photos. Paid for the photos.”

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