Kendra’s BBF Brittany Binger Spills the Beans on Baby

Kendra Wilkenson has a lot of good friends, including her gal pals from “The Girls Next Door”. To say, however, that you are Kendra’s BFF has its privileges.

Brittany Binger, Kendra’s best friend, and co-star on her show on E! was on “Sin City Sessions” discussing her own career – including an upcoming “Guitar Hero” commercial, and her appearance on the Fox News website, but had some time to dish about her hip hop homie.

Kendra’s pregnancy was kept pretty quiet until an episode had aired on her show where she broke the news at her surprise shower a weeks before her wedding. Although the guests were shocked at the announcement, there was one person who knew of Kendra’s condition.

“It’s kinda funny because she always makes me buy her pregnancy tests, and say ‘I think I’m pregnant. I think I’m pregnant,’” Binger stated. “Of course she wasn’t and then one day I came over and she pulled me into another room and said ‘Okay you need to sit down.’ So she sat me down and she said ‘I’m pregnant’. I just about feel over and said ‘You have to be kidding me.’ But I couldn’t tell anybody and no one knew so it was the hardest secret to keep. You are so excited for her but you know. I was like ‘Kendra Wilkenson is pregnant!’ I mean that’s crazy. I mean let alone she is getting married. She was the crazy party girl and now she is having a baby. Yeah, I about fell over when she told me the news.”

Binger was unable to attend the surprise shower, but was shocked at some of the drama that ensued. Binger also said Kendra has signed to a second season of the show and plans to have the baby back east in New Jersey rather that L.A.

To hear more about Kendra and get to know how Brittany Binger landed behind the scenes, download the podcast at:


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