Eminem’s Vixens

Eminem’s love life has always been up in the air. From his ex-wife Kim, actress Brittany Murphy, and as of late, Mariah Carey.

But what about Eminem’s other women. You know – those women that appear in his videos? Kaya Jones, who was in Eminem and D12’s video “How Come”, talked about working with the rap icon on “Somewhere in Vegas”. For Jones, this was also a chance to fulfill a dream.

“It was funny because I actually met Eminem when I was twelve or thirteen,” Jones recalls. “I bombard (D12 and Eminem’s) tour bus and told them I was gonna be a big star and they need to know who I was. Proof was like ‘I’m gonna remember your name.’ So when I showed up on the video set, Proof was like ‘are you kidding me? You’re here?’ and I was like ‘I told you.'”

Another video vixen of Eminem’s, Lisa Ann, got her role by in his video “We Made You” by virtue of playing the same role before. Lisa Ann’s “Nailin Paylin” was a hit adult video with her play the oh too familiar “Serra Paylin” part. After shooting the video, Lisa was recognized for a whole other reason.

“I have had thirteen and fourteen year olds walk up to me and say ‘oh you’re the girl from the Eminem video,'” Lisa stated. “I’m like ‘whoa that’s young.’ I wasn’t expecting them to be that young.”

To hear Kaya Jones’s talk more about Eminem and her blossoming music career, go to:


To hear more from Lisa Ann and her newly released website, go to:



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