Bree Olson – One Naughty Nanny


One is known for a big ass and a little sex tape. One is known for a smaller ass and a bigger collection of sex tapes. So what do Kim Kardashian and Penthouse Pet Bree Olson have in common besides being two very hot women? How about Bruce Jenner?

On an episode in the first season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (Click here for video) Bree was hired (or should I say cast) as a nanny for Bruce and Kris Jenner’s daughters. However, there was a snag when she got on set.

“The original idea was for me to flirt with Bruce and that was the whole thing,” Bree explained on a recent episode of “Sin City Sessions.” “I got hired as the ‘slutty nanny’ and I would try to be all over him and everything. But the show took a different direction. They decided to go with a different approach because Bruce wanted nothing to do with it. They kind of surprised him and sprung it on him and then he was like no I don’t really want to play along with this. So we kind of went the other way where they were making me go through the parent’s drawers.”

Not to say that Bree and Bruce weren’t on everyone’s mind after the show.

“Everyone always gives me all kind of crap about Bruce Jenner,” Bree continues. “They ask me how he is. That’s the most popular question about ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ But he was really nice.”

Even though Bree got the boot on camera, Bree says the family was sweet and nice to her off camera. Bree didn’t get to meet Kim that day, but Bree did have a huge regret.

“I wish they had an unedited version because there were some really funny parts that didn’t get aired, but it was fun.”

To hear more from Bree Olson, including her likes, dislikes, and describing her experience playing Dave Attell in beer pong, go to:


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