Stacey Anderson – Redefining “The Cougar”

We all have those clinches about older women sitting at a bar looking sexy to attract younger men. But there is more to meets the eye, according to Stacey Anderson, the star of the upcoming reality show “The Cougar” on TVLand Prime.

Stacey is in the prime of her life and 20 younger guys are vying for her affection. But Stacey is hoping this new series washes away the ideas of that lonely botoxed older woman at the end of the bar dressed up like a college girl.

“I think there is a stereotypical view and sight mind of what a cougar is,” Stacey responds. “How she looks, how she dresses, how she carries herself, she is sexually aggressive, the long fingernails, the over botox kinda look. My idea of a cougar is something different. I take the term in fun and take no offense to it. But my definition has more depth to it.”

Stacey continues later in the interview to discuss this further as she talks about attracting younger men.

“Do what works for you. They’ll come to you. They’ll approach you. I am not one who looks for men. It’s not a desperate thing. It’s about making a connection and being real and being who you are.”

Stacey goes on to talk about who she calls “pseudo cougars.”

“There has been an evolution of what people think a cougar is,” Stacey continues. “I want to contribute to that evolution of who a cougar really is. And so I call them pseudo cougars out there who are out there. Who are overly aggressive, who are still dressing in Abercrombie and we are not in college anymore. They are out there and they are a really bad reflection of definition of a true cougar in my mind.”

Hear more from Stacey about her new show, plus her opinions on men of all ages by going here:


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