Podcast Flashback – Author Sheila McClear “The Last of the Live Nude Girls”

sheila45New York Post writer Sheila McClear decided to look at what is a dying artform in New York City,  Peep Shows.

In her book, “The Last of the Live Nude Girls”, McClear talks about her experiences as she went behind the curtain of Peep Shows and documented how the scene had been ushered out of New York.

We talked to McClear in 2012 about her book and why she decided to cover the ladies behind the glass.

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Kendra’s BBF Brittany Binger Spills the Beans on Baby

Kendra Wilkenson has a lot of good friends, including her gal pals from “The Girls Next Door”. To say, however, that you are Kendra’s BFF has its privileges.

Brittany Binger, Kendra’s best friend, and co-star on her show on E! was on “Sin City Sessions” discussing her own career – including an upcoming “Guitar Hero” commercial, and her appearance on the Fox News website, but had some time to dish about her hip hop homie.

Kendra’s pregnancy was kept pretty quiet until an episode had aired on her show where she broke the news at her surprise shower a weeks before her wedding. Although the guests were shocked at the announcement, there was one person who knew of Kendra’s condition.

“It’s kinda funny because she always makes me buy her pregnancy tests, and say ‘I think I’m pregnant. I think I’m pregnant,’” Binger stated. “Of course she wasn’t and then one day I came over and she pulled me into another room and said ‘Okay you need to sit down.’ So she sat me down and she said ‘I’m pregnant’. I just about feel over and said ‘You have to be kidding me.’ But I couldn’t tell anybody and no one knew so it was the hardest secret to keep. You are so excited for her but you know. I was like ‘Kendra Wilkenson is pregnant!’ I mean that’s crazy. I mean let alone she is getting married. She was the crazy party girl and now she is having a baby. Yeah, I about fell over when she told me the news.”

Binger was unable to attend the surprise shower, but was shocked at some of the drama that ensued. Binger also said Kendra has signed to a second season of the show and plans to have the baby back east in New Jersey rather that L.A.

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Eminem’s Vixens

Eminem’s love life has always been up in the air. From his ex-wife Kim, actress Brittany Murphy, and as of late, Mariah Carey.

But what about Eminem’s other women. You know – those women that appear in his videos? Kaya Jones, who was in Eminem and D12’s video “How Come”, talked about working with the rap icon on “Somewhere in Vegas”. For Jones, this was also a chance to fulfill a dream.

“It was funny because I actually met Eminem when I was twelve or thirteen,” Jones recalls. “I bombard (D12 and Eminem’s) tour bus and told them I was gonna be a big star and they need to know who I was. Proof was like ‘I’m gonna remember your name.’ So when I showed up on the video set, Proof was like ‘are you kidding me? You’re here?’ and I was like ‘I told you.'”

Another video vixen of Eminem’s, Lisa Ann, got her role by in his video “We Made You” by virtue of playing the same role before. Lisa Ann’s “Nailin Paylin” was a hit adult video with her play the oh too familiar “Serra Paylin” part. After shooting the video, Lisa was recognized for a whole other reason.

“I have had thirteen and fourteen year olds walk up to me and say ‘oh you’re the girl from the Eminem video,'” Lisa stated. “I’m like ‘whoa that’s young.’ I wasn’t expecting them to be that young.”

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Bree Olson – One Naughty Nanny


One is known for a big ass and a little sex tape. One is known for a smaller ass and a bigger collection of sex tapes. So what do Kim Kardashian and Penthouse Pet Bree Olson have in common besides being two very hot women? How about Bruce Jenner?

On an episode in the first season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (Click here for video) Bree was hired (or should I say cast) as a nanny for Bruce and Kris Jenner’s daughters. However, there was a snag when she got on set.

“The original idea was for me to flirt with Bruce and that was the whole thing,” Bree explained on a recent episode of “Sin City Sessions.” “I got hired as the ‘slutty nanny’ and I would try to be all over him and everything. But the show took a different direction. They decided to go with a different approach because Bruce wanted nothing to do with it. They kind of surprised him and sprung it on him and then he was like no I don’t really want to play along with this. So we kind of went the other way where they were making me go through the parent’s drawers.”

Not to say that Bree and Bruce weren’t on everyone’s mind after the show.

“Everyone always gives me all kind of crap about Bruce Jenner,” Bree continues. “They ask me how he is. That’s the most popular question about ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ But he was really nice.”

Even though Bree got the boot on camera, Bree says the family was sweet and nice to her off camera. Bree didn’t get to meet Kim that day, but Bree did have a huge regret.

“I wish they had an unedited version because there were some really funny parts that didn’t get aired, but it was fun.”

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Lydia McLane – Sensual Chameleon

Lydia Struts Her Stuff on Stage

Lydia Struts Her Stuff on Stage

To say Lydia McLane is multi-talented is an understatement. In the world of role playing, she does everything from being a dominatrix, fetish modeling, producing erotic films, burlesque and even at times being a lamp. (You read that right, a lamp.)

But how does a nice girl from Oklahoma get to be the women of all exotic trades she is now? On a recent interview of “Sin City Sessions”, Lydia explained that being a lingerie dancer gave her the opportunity.

“All the people the other girls would call weird or perverts and I thought they were fabulous. So after a while I had a whole collection of them and eventually started seeing some of them for different fetish adventures. From foot fetish to hair fetish to infantilism. I thought it was great fun.”

Soon after she found herself in Seattle, where the scene was more accepted. She expanded her many talents there, and set up shop as a dominatrix. Lydia says there is never a dull moment.

“A lot of people think having a grown man over your lap and spanking them is unusual and I do that all the time,” recalls Lydia. “Last week I did a whipping, to where blood was splattered on my walls. Then I played Mad Scientist with an electrical device known as an arestech 312. I had over a dozen wires over someone’s body. And they were this slab of meat seeing how ti would react when I tiurned and manipulated the knobs on the machine. Which was great fun and it was actually hilarious. I spent most of the time laughing so hard I was almost crying through that session.”

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Natalie Dylan – Queen of All Media?

It’s been 8 months since Natalie Dylan put up her virginity for sale. Some people have wondered if the deed would even be done. But even without a ending in site as of yet, Natalie seems to be making the best of the situation.

MarQ, host of “Sin City Sessions” on Blog Talk Radio, was just in touch with Natalie for a quick update, and Natalie may have more than just a radio interview in common with Howard Stern.

In a quick phone conversation on April 17, Natalie mentioned she was going to be in L.A. in a few weeks to sketch out the details of a possible movie deal. This after her announcement of a possible book on “Sin City Sessions” back in January. Both deals are still being worked on, but Natalie already has an idea of who she wants to play herself in the movie.

“You know who I adore is Nikki Reed,” Natalie said on her last interview with “Sin City Sessions” back in January. “That girl has so much sass. I think she’s a great actress and she does more independent stuff. And I like independent actors and think she’s be fun.”

Natalie will be back on “Sin City Sessions” Tuesday April 28 @ 9 p.m. pacific time to discuss her future and a possible time at which the auction will be over. Plus what is the number one subject she is being advised on.

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Pin Me Up Lois!!!

Alex Borstein - Sexy in Any Era

Alex Borstein - Sexy in Any Era

Alex Borstein can be a character. From voicing Lois Griffin on Family Guy to playing the infamous Miss Swan on MadTV, Alex has the ability to make us laugh. But Alex is not only funny, but sexy as well.
Lance and Trixie from OldSchoolPinUps.com

Lance and Trixie from OldSchoolPinUps.com

Lance and Trixie from http://www.OldSchoolPinUps.com were on Sin City Sessions and talked about how Alex had came to them for her retro pin-up photo shoot to promote her dvd “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

“If you are gonna do a pin-up you gotta see Lance and Trixie,” Lance recalled a friend telling Alex. “(Alex and Jackson Douglas, her husband) came over and saw our stuff and loved it. They submitted (the photo book) to Fox. Fox whined like a little bitch and said ‘No no no you gotta come back here and shoot it right.’ And they basically said piss off we’ll do it ourselves. So they did, Fox loved the photos. Paid for the photos.”

To hear more about Trixie and Lance’s photos, as well as what they and the Pin-up Angels are doing to help support the troops overseas, listen to the interview by going to:


Stacey Anderson – Redefining “The Cougar”

We all have those clinches about older women sitting at a bar looking sexy to attract younger men. But there is more to meets the eye, according to Stacey Anderson, the star of the upcoming reality show “The Cougar” on TVLand Prime.

Stacey is in the prime of her life and 20 younger guys are vying for her affection. But Stacey is hoping this new series washes away the ideas of that lonely botoxed older woman at the end of the bar dressed up like a college girl.

“I think there is a stereotypical view and sight mind of what a cougar is,” Stacey responds. “How she looks, how she dresses, how she carries herself, she is sexually aggressive, the long fingernails, the over botox kinda look. My idea of a cougar is something different. I take the term in fun and take no offense to it. But my definition has more depth to it.”

Stacey continues later in the interview to discuss this further as she talks about attracting younger men.

“Do what works for you. They’ll come to you. They’ll approach you. I am not one who looks for men. It’s not a desperate thing. It’s about making a connection and being real and being who you are.”

Stacey goes on to talk about who she calls “pseudo cougars.”

“There has been an evolution of what people think a cougar is,” Stacey continues. “I want to contribute to that evolution of who a cougar really is. And so I call them pseudo cougars out there who are out there. Who are overly aggressive, who are still dressing in Abercrombie and we are not in college anymore. They are out there and they are a really bad reflection of definition of a true cougar in my mind.”

Hear more from Stacey about her new show, plus her opinions on men of all ages by going here:

Call Girls Weigh in on Releasing a Madam’s “The Black Book”


We’ve heard of “honor among thieves” but is there honor among call girls? When word came out that Manhattan Madam Kristen Davis may leak her famous black book to the press, the escort industry started clamoring. Davis, who is the suspected Madam behind the Elliot Spitzer scandal, has already written a book about her alleged dealings in the sex industry.

On a recent episode of “Sin City Sessions” best selling author, columnist, and former call girl Tracy Quan weighted in on how the escort community is reacting to Kristen and her releasing the name of one of her celebrity clients to Page 6.

“I spoke to a number of sex workers and madams and asked what do you think about this because Kristen Davis had kinda dangled her book in the media and said maybe I will release the names,” Tracy stated. “People had a lot of different feelings about it. Some people were ardently opposed. They said no, you should never ever ever reveal names of anybody, any of your clients to the media. Most of the people thought that way.”

However, there were some people who stated that leaking the book could be a good thing.

“One of the girls I interviewed didn’t feel that way. She was very annoyed that Kristen had to go to jail and none of the customers did. Because they also in New York terms had broken the law.”

A certain celebrity was named by Kristen in Page 6 of the New York Post, but Tracy seemed to feel that the case of this celebrity and Spitzer were completely different.

“I don’t know why it is important to talk about him. Just because he is a celebrity?” Quan added. “If he were a politician or a cop who is actively harming sex workers and also being a customer like what Elliot Spitzer did, then I think it would be ok to talk about him. It doesn’t seem right to me to point a finger at some guy who just happens to be a famous customer.”

Tracy went on to talk about how the economy is effecting the sex industry, what you should expect the first time you have sex, and the difference between New York call girls and west coast ones.

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